WSA-1000 Specifications



Intuitive Graphics Operator Interface

Fully Enclosed Cutting

Interlocked Operator Access Door

SKF Hard Chromed Linear Rails

Precision Helical Rack For Smooth Motion

Optional Upgrade To Linear Motors

Custom Cutting Sizes To 48" x 60"



Rigid Base

Machined Motion Structure

Machine Weight: 2,500 Pounds

Footprint: 96" x 60"


Motion System

Closed Loop Digital Drives

Brushless Servo Motors

Precision Square Linear Bearings

Precision Helical Rack Motion

Linear Motor Motion - Optional



Cutting Area:         40" x 20" x 3"

Maximum Speed:  3000 IPM

Accuracy:            +/- 0.004"

Repeatability:       0.002"


Model WSA-1000 Waterjet System 

CNC Machines Waterjet


Metals, Stone, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Plastics, Rubber


Precision Square Linear Bearings

Helical Rack Motion (Linear Motors Optional)

Closed Loop AC Digital Servo Motion

Made In America

ZIMOTEK High Performance Control

User Friendly Graphics Interface


High Pressure And Abrasive Components


High Pressure Pumps

ZIMOTEK proudly uses American made Hypertherm (Accustream) pumps on all it's waterjet systems


Hypertherm Pumps Feature:

Advanced Intensifier Technology TM

Dual Pressure Settings

Incorporated Water Boost Pump

Pressure Compensated Hydraulic Pump

Advanced Electronic Shift

Large Volume Attenuator

Pump Sizes To 150 HP

Remote Operation From The ZIMOTEK Control


High Pressure Components

Autoclave Engineers High Pressure Tubing

150,000 PSI Rated Fittings & Components

Hypertherm High Pressure On/Off Valve


Abrasive Components

Hypertherm Dial Adjust Metering Hopper

300 Pound Bulk Abrasive Pot


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