Ultrasonic Cutting


Ultrasonic cutting operates by moving a knife blade up and down in a sawing action, twenty thousand times a second. The distance moved is very small but the oscillations are so fast that nothing can move with the blade or stick to it.  The end result is an increase in cutting speed over conventional blade cutting.  The process is clean, does not create debris, dust or fumes.

The source of the blade's ultrasonic energy begins with a 20 KHz electrical energy being produced by a solid-state power supply. This high frequency electrical energy is supplied to a converter that transforms it to mechanical motion at ultrasonic frequencies. The mechanical motion is then transmitted through an amplitude modifying booster to the horn. The horn (which is an acoustic tool) transfers this vibratory energy directly to the mounted blade for use as a cutting tool.


Typical Applications Include:



Nomex Honeycomb Core

Phenolic Honeycomb Core



Woven And Nonwoven Fabrics

Synthetic Turf


Ultrasonic Technology Diagram

Z Axis Mounted Ultrasonic Cutting Head

CNC Machines Ultrasonic Cutting


Ultrasonic Cutting Examples


Synthetic Turf Cutting Application

Ultrasonic Cut Carpet


Carpet/Mat Cutting Applications


Ultrasonic Cut Carpet Ultrasonic Cut Carpet Ultrasonic Cut Carpet


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