Standard Features

> American made technology

> Intuitive graphical operator interface

> Built in machine diagnostics

> Standard G-Code Operation

> Up to seven axis of motion

> Opto-isolated components

> Digital I/O

> LED I/O indicators

> Real-time servo drive tuning and monitoring

> Ethernet communications

> Positioning resolution < 3 microns


ZIMOTEK Controls


CNCXP CNC Controls



Hardware Components


Servo Amplifier & Motor Features:

Closed loop digital servo drives

Brushless servo motors

Dual encoder Input

35 microsecond servo response

High bandwidth, digital vector servo motion

DSP control of position, velocity, and torque

Speed independent torque response

Vector torque control

Regressive AutoSpline for ultra smooth motion

P.I.V. feedback compensation

Adaptive Inertia Matching Technology

High torque to rotor inertia ratio

Fully integrated encoder and sensor design

Encoder output to 16,000 counts per revolution

MIL-C 26482 connectors

3 year warranty

Made In America


Gearbox Features:

Precision helical planetary gears

IP65 protection

High efficiency

< 6 arcminute backlash (1 arcminute optional)

5 year warranty



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